Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I have been working on

I know I have fallen off the earth lately. But this time I have a really good reason. I have been working as the Public Relations Coordinator for Trivani Foundation, a local non-profit (on top of doing my "normal" 9-5 job). This has involved a lot of late nights and not a whole lot of social activites.

My main responsibility thus far has been the creation and development of the foundation's blog. I began working on this beast in September. Yesterday, we went live!

Please, if you care anything for me (or the human race) check it out at:
This is my baby. Treat it well!

BTW, you can also check out the foundation's website at


anelieze said...

This is wonderful! I finally got a chance to really go through it. What a great foundation! I will link to it on my site, if that's okay. Great job!

Taiwan would be awesome! Hope you get to go, and if not, you have other great things to look forward to. I'm glad for you.

Krystal Downs said...


Thank you for linking Trivani. Yes it is a wonderful foundation. They are doing a lot of good, especially for the impoverished women and children of the world.