Sunday, November 15, 2009

On moving forward

I wanted to update everyone on some progress I have made as of late. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do and where I want to be in the next couple of years. Now I have been thinking about these things ever since I graduated last year. In fact, I would say that I think about the future more than I probably think about anything else. As everyone knows, thoughts don't always necessitate action, which was pretty much my life story this past year. The past couple of months though, I have been consistently acting so that all my planning and hoping will eventually turn into my reality.

Like a blogged about in my last post, I have been working at Trivani Foundation on the side. In addition to Trivani, I have also been applying for a few international teaching jobs. The one I am mainly interested in is in Taiwan, where I would work as a English language teacher. I already completed the entire interview process, and will find out in a week or two if I was successful. If they offer me a job, it would most likely start in January, so I would have a lot to think about in not a lot of time.

I have also been looking more and more into graduate school (which I am now 80% sure will be preferable to law school). I recently got to talk to a few reps from different International Policy/Development/Politics programs and have learned a lot. For one, I will most likely have to take a few dreaded Economics and Statistics courses in order to apply. What is harder, I would probably have to take more language courses. Oh joy. Meaning MORE school before graduate school.

I feel serious now. I like having a plan, and I think I am finally ready to put that plan into motion.

Wish me luck (and some extra time)!
On a unrelated note, I dyed my hair red. Maybe I am going through a personal crisis....?


Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Good luck with all your plans. I know you will be fantastic at whatever you decide.

Love the hair by the way. Very hot. I was actually considering dying mine the same color. Do you think I'm going through a crisis as well? LOL

denise said...

They say when a girl dyes her hair red she is most likely cheating on her man or trying to get a new one.

Is there any truth to any of that in your case, lol? I think it looks great, btw.

Oh, and I hope you aren't driving that car in the picture!

Dara said...

I love your hair! You look wicked hott!!

poetryinside said...

Something to consider is doing a joint law degree--I know several people who have done that and it's a really economical option (plus you usually only have to get into the law school and then the secondary application is truncated). My husband is currently getting his Juris Doctor and a Masters in Public Policy at the same time and he loves it. It's 4 years total and a lot cheaper than getting them consecutively. Just something to think about while you are planning! Teaching in Taiwan would be an amazing experience, I hope you get in!

--Kristi (Bloomsbury Cafe :) )

Krystal Downs said...

Thanks Kristi for mentioning that. I actually have looked into combined JD MA programs and some look amazing, but very difficult. It is definitely something I will keep in mind.