Friday, May 29, 2009

The Did's and Didn't's


Did: Start a Peace Corps application.
Didn't: Complete it.

Did: Buy a LSAT study book.
Didn't: Read it.

Did: Research publishing companies in San Diego.
Didn't: Apply for a publishing job in San Diego.

Did: Make some spiritual/religious goals.
Didn't: Act on them.


Did: Plan to go running.
Didn't: Actually go running.

Did: Eat Subway and cheesecake for lunch.
Didn't: Worry about the money, calories, or sugar intake of said food.


Did: Plan to be productive at work today.
Didn't: Get as much done as I wanted/needed to.

Did: Get a paycheck today.
Didn't: Spend it on a new laptop (yet!!!).


Did: Go see two sets of grandparents in southern Utah.
Didn't: Get to see my family, who are too far away for a holiday weekend trip.

Did: Reconnect with someone.
Did: Disconnect with someone.
Didn't: Call a lot of people who deserve to be called.

Did: Feel love for all my family, including all my sisters (who I love as much as my blood sisters). You know who you are.
Didn't Ever think that anyone else had a better family than mine.

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Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Interesting list. It makes me want to sit down with you and about a gallon of tea with scones so I can hear the details of your life. It has really been that long! I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts things and doesn't finish them . . .