Friday, September 18, 2009

For my sister

This post is dedicated to my awesome little sister, Mary.

Mary and I have always had a complicated relationship. From the moment she touched down on this earth, I resented her for taking away a part of the parental love and attention that I had become accustomed to owning the entire rights to.

Growing up, we had a healthy relationship between sisters. We played barbies together. She stole my favorite barbie. I ripped the head off her Ken doll. We both hated each other for a week. That sort of thing.

A lot of the problems stemmed from the fact that Mary and I are so different. I'm confrontational, she is not. I talk through problems with others, she deals with them on her own. I am more of a talker, she is more of a thinker. She likes Oasis, I like Coldplay.

Now that we're both adults, our relationship has strengthened. That's not to say that we still don't fight, because believe me, we do. But we work it out, because we both know how much we love each other.

Here are some things I know about Mary. She's a good person to have in a fight. I know she doesn't look it, but this tiny girl has a strength and toughness that I am constantly jealous of.

Mary can get through anything. She can deal with her problems without having to bitch and moan about it to everyone within hearing distance.

She is adaptable (another thing I am jealous of).

She is smart, but not pretentious.

She is talented in almost everything, a fact that justifies my constant jealously at least a little.

She is fearless.
She is always there when you need to cry or talk or let it all out. And she will listen to you, if only at the end to tell you that you are ridiculous, and that life is good.

She is beautiful, even without makeup on.

Just because she's quiet, doesn't mean she's not responding to those around her. She's just thinking about what's being said.

Mary can do anything and be anything.

I know in my heart that we were meant to be sisters. I have learned so much from you, Mary, and am excited to see where your life will take you. I never could have asked for more than what we have. You have given me your friendship, you love, and your forgiveness (which I continually need) throughout the years. Think about all the things we have done, and all the things we have yet to do. With all the hard times, the moving, the teenage horror years, the moods, the separations, we have made it through it all. Its been a great 21 years. I can't wait for 50 more!

Love you! And Happy 21st birthday.

Your sister,


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Elisabeth said...

Not only is this a beautiful commentary on your relationship with your sister, you write very well. I hope you do more with it someday.