Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iron and Wine

The band of the day-Iron and Wine.

Why? I'm going to see them tonight in Salt Lake for free. Jealous?

Songs I really hope they play: "Naked As We Came", "Flightless Bird, American Mouth", "Such Great Heights", "The Trapeeze Swinger", "New Slang", and "Love & Some Verses".

Best album: Our Endless Numbered Days

Quote from the Lead Singer: "I had all these songs lying around. They had all these woman characters, and I thought the idea of the Woman King would be a good way to tie them all together." Sam Beam
I think I will like this guy. I wonder if he is as crazy as he looks?


Megan said...

Not jealous, because I'm going too.

Christian Olson said...

Weird because you are the second blog I read today to mention Iron and Wine.. (The other was quoting lyrics...)

::anelieze castrejon:: said...

hey! i like their music. lucky~ let me know how it goes. :)