Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving did not have Pakistani terrorists featured in it...

In honor of Thanksgiving

I'd just like to say

how blessed my life is

the beauty of today

And oh jeez is this poem gay...

Ok so enough of the bad poetry already. I wanted to write a post to commemorate thanksgiving in some way and couldn't help the above abomination. Sorry folks!

Moving on to the serious portion of this post. Thanksgiving reminded me of a lot, and not just the typical what I am grateful for fill in the blanks. What I thought of more than anything else was how ridiculously lucky I am. I thought of things I am thankful are not happening to me. Like I was glad I wasn't in Mumbai for the holidays. Or that I wasn't that Walmart guy who got trampled to death by crazy shoppers. I was pretty happy I'm not in Nigeria either, or for that matter, in most places in Africa.

The point is we have a lot to be thankful of in the positive sense of the word, but we also have a lot going for us that is NOT happening and that we hope will NEVER happen.

So smile and be thankful, for tomorrow you may be blown up by Pakistani terrorists ,(ok that was not funny...), engulfed by tree-like growths all over your rooted, barked body (It can happen!), or loose you hearing due to an excessively passionate and wet makeout session (see story). So be glad the only thing you have to worry about is whether or not Aunt Margie cooked your turkey enough so you don't have to worry about Salmonella!

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Randy and Ally said...

wow, that is certainly a badge of honor for that girl's boyfriend. One helluva kiss!