Friday, November 21, 2008

Joining the ranks of the proletariat

For all of you who don't already know, I have finally joined the ranks of full-time, "real" world workers. My official job title is Executive Administrative Assistant. I work for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals, which, I know, is a mouthful, but really is not that complicated. We are a graduate program university that offers various advanced and post-professional degrees in health-related topics. I work for the DPT program, which is the newest program being implemented at this growing university (DPT stands for Doctor in Physical Therapy). Anyway, the program is in its development stage, which is where I come in. I will be helping my boss Bob Sellin to create and prepare to receive our first class of students in January of 2010. I'm guessing there is a TON of stuff to do before then. The program design is still rough at best and there are only two of us to make it brilliant in less than one year.

So that is my job. I pretty much work with a bunch of doctors and science freaks....but its all good. And a lot of ex-Navy guys (Who knew?). There is another former English major working here as well so maybe I won't be so lonely. As of today I have been working here a week, and have learned both the good, the bad and the ugly of the job.

The good: I work at a university. Hello! I love academia and all those snotty intellectual types! And I have my own office.
The bad: There is no window in my office. The light source is motion-detector light, which turns off every 30 seconds if a don't twitch, wave and throw my box of tissues at it. Oh, and my office is pretty much in the unpopular, are there really other people in this world??? hallway. There are only two office that aren't vacant as of today. And I'm in one of them. And the guy in the other one doesn't talk.
The ugly: As I haven't gotten used to this schedule yet I am still going to bed at ungodly hours. Believe me, I am not a pretty picture in the morning. Hence, the ugly part.


Tinadakis said...

Well it sounds like your job isn't so bad and ugly yet. . . I'm happy for you. I wish I could spend more time with you. You know you can still call me even if I am married. I feel like you have cut me out of your life. Are you mad about last night? I hung out with you and Ashlee on my last day off at night so I'm sorry dearest you know I lov eyo. Get me a job with my own office and I will be there to hang out a lot more. just kidding. Seriously what happened to you? I feel like i've been replaced, Just know that Jesse and I will never have a child like you we will always love you.

The Blogsmith said...

The good the band and the ugly: That's cool that your life is pretty much one of the best Westerns ever! :)

Hey glad to see you got a job... and as far as your crap office goes, well uhh join the crowd! beautiful landscape windowed offices are only for top execs... and occasionally me when I got to be in the top floor of that springville building!

-The Blogsmith

p.s. Your blog name made me think subconsciously of Pink Floyd, and I ended up listening to one of the greatest songs ever made while reading. ;)

The Blogsmith said...

I guess i'll leave you guessing until you figure it out. You'll figure it out... if you're as bright as I believe you to be :)

Goats in the Attic? said...

Go for it. Make your list.