Monday, December 22, 2008

I Heart Philly

There are a variety if reasons to hate Philly. If you have ever been here, you probably know what I mean. Too much crime and poverty. Cemeteries on every corner and old, decrepit monuments and ruins left over from before Pennsylvania's official statehood (big shocker that The Sixth Sense took place in this truly creepy city). And don't get me started on the weather. All of this, and more, I realized on my first visit to the city.
And so, being in the general holiday, overly cheery mood, I decided that this time I would find the good in a city full of a whole lot of bad bad people (I am including me in this gross generalization...). Other than my grandparents, who are very good reasons to love any place, I have found another very specific reason to love this city.
H&M. It is that simple. If you have not been to this store, go now. Please, for the love of cheap, fashionable clothes. GO!!!!!!!


Anelieze Castrejon said...

Haha, I share your love of that wonderful store. I first shopped at one in Paris and was so excited there was one in Pasadena~I'd have to go on a pretty big shopping spree to make up for all the gas I spent, though. Good stuff. Merry Christmas!!

Dara said...

Hi love, I miss you. I got your text today. sorry my phone was in my coat which was not by me when you sent it. Call me when you get a chance or I'll call you when I don't think you're sleeping.