Sunday, August 24, 2008

Change? A House Undivided? No longer...

I am a little more than ashamed. Most of you who know me think of me (I hope) as a very politically-attuned person. Meaning, I actually care about politics. I know shocking, especially considering the level of cynicism in our great, free, and democratic nation. So when I realized last night (as a certain announcement was made, see below) that I had not posted once about politics or history, or the race for the white house, or even about how much I both love and love to hate out current political system I was appalled! What kind of blogger did I think I was/am?
Ergo the following post....Ahem.

Last night, all the while pestering Anna to turn the T.V. back to CNN and NOT to Olympics volleyball (the final), we watched as what I was waiting for was revealed. Barack Obama's running mate/VP pick is ..................................................................................................... ................................. ................Joe Biden! (It felt that long to me too...) The secret has been revealed, the eggs are out of the basket. You're probably saying 'who cares' (Christina) or even more likely 'who the heck is Joe Biden?? (everyone else)'

I have to admit. I was just a little disappointed by the reveal. The guy seems great at all. But I was hoping that Obama stuck to his change mantra.

Sarcasm alert! Apparently, metaphors speak louder than actions. I'm referring, if you haven't guessed yet (OK you probably haven't) to the fact that Obama made his announcement in the Springfield, Illinois courthouse where Lincoln once made his famous "A House Divided" speech. (Lincoln was referring to the biblical passage found in Matthew that reads "A house divided against itself cannot stand") At the time, the country was severed geographically (North and South) and ideologically (Free vs. Slave ). I knew Obama had chosen the spot because it signified the official beginning of the war against slavery/for freedom in America.

I had hoped that the locale meant he was also going to take the ultimate step in fighting the war against political and ideological separation, not, as I said before, through words, but through actions. For me, this meant that he would pick a candidate to run with him from across the party line. Yes, I had hoped he would choose to run with a Republican. Shocking, I know! But, Biden? Who has been a Democratic senator since my mom was 8 and my dad 13! That is a LONG time. Believe me... Don't get me wrong. He seems like a great guy. He's smart, old, and experienced. But when did that ever signify change? And when did the fact that he agrees with Obama in party affiliation (and on most issues) ever embody political gap narrowing?

I'm interested to see how the two interact, what Biden can bring to the table (I hope a great deal), and whether or not the final race will bring out the big, bad, Obama wolf . (if it exists?)

Disclaimer: No. This doesn't mean I will vote for McCain, even if he picks a Democratic running mate, which he won't. It just means I wish Obama was more Obamaesque. And it means that he is no longer above playing party politics, at least in my eyes.


Christian said...

I agree about with you about this pick-I wasn't a big fan. I kept thinking that Obama was going to pick something to even out his voting record, but I guess I was wrong.

Maybe McCain can pick Dick Cheney as his running mate, so this can be the all-time worst election for Christian imaginable. :( (This pick definately needs a frowny face)

Kelly Downs said...

Yes, your ideal would certainly bring the country closer to reaching the ideal non-partisan leadership, but reality spoke louder than ideals. The reality is that to pick a VP across the party lines would be political suicide. But then again, what I just said is "Old School". Maybe it would actually work if someone had courage enough to try it. Spread the idea now and maybe some day in your time it WILL happen.

Tinadakis said...

who cares??? Just kidding I care at least thats what I tell myself when I go to sleep at night