Friday, July 11, 2008

The Function of Blogging and MY relation in the Blogosphere

I have a blog. Yeah I know its all the craze now and I'm being totally a poser for starting one. But after much pondering, perusing, and panhandling (I'm mostly kidding) I have decided to become a productive member of the blogosphere (yes it is a word...I was an English major). Or whatever. I'd like to say enjoy, but in all honestly, this blog will probably turn into

1. A place in which I have a nerdy one-sided discussions about the merits of such and such book (with myself of course)
2. A public forum where I discuss personal details about myself that probably shouldn't be printed anywhere let alone (need I be redundant) on a PUBLIC forum
3. A tech-savvy personals ad (I am looking for a man with a big...)

All of which, I know, are making you all hot and bothered and wanting more. If on, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Randy and Ally said...

Yay! I'm so glad my nagging finally paid off. I seriously need a fellow nerd to make me feel less alone when I review books . . . so far I have only one sister in law who comments. My brother in law told me the other day that my post on book reviews was just too much like reading a book for him to enjoy . . . I miss you like crazy girl!! Now, if we could only sip tea together while we blog, life would be perfect. But we are getting a web cam for when the baby comes, so we'll have to work something out.