Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Surprise of School Supplies

While I was in Thailand, I had an idea of how to help DEPDC with their funding problems. It was simple really. One of DEPDC's main projects is their Half-Day School, where I worked teaching level 1 English classes. And what do schools need? School supplies of course!

Me and a few others set off to try to get donations from people back in the States. The idea was that people would be more willing to donate supplies than money. Well, this plan had a bit of a flaw. Our email sent out was too complicated, and looking back, asked too much. We didn't get much of a response.

When I got home to the States in September, my mom let me know that after she had received my email, she had made an announcement at church to the women about it. One announcement. That is it. They put a small box in an area of the church, for any supplies to be added to. She asked me if I would be willing to announce the drive to the women as well, which I did, briefly.

Before you, is the response we received. And this does not include the cash donations, which were put towards shipping costs.

Since I took these pictures, much more has been donated, and we are planning on sending a second box in the next few weeks.

I couldn't resist adding little presents for my class in the first box. Since the box got there after the children had left for a month-long fall break, I will have to wait to see what the response is at DEPDC. They have promised to send pictures! 

I can't wait to see the kids' reactions. I am thinking it is going to be something like this. :)

And a parting thought: 
If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  ~Mother Teresa


Rachel said...

Okay an amazing idea. Those sweet little ones are going to LOVE them. I can't wait to see their reaction either. Wish I could be there for it but pictures will have to do. Love you.

Dara said...

Speaking of donations. I still have colored pencils at my house that I bought to donate but I never was told where to take them. Thanks!