Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Star Chart, Our Saving Grace

I love the star chart we have at DEPDC. Our classroom has changed dramatically since implementing our system of privileges and discipline. I highly recommend it for all teachers!

I was talking to one of the other volunteers yesterday about how far we have come as teachers since we arrived in May. I am not afraid to admit that we had no clue what we were doing. We knew what we were supposed to do, but did not yet know the best way to do it. We didn't know yet what worked and didn't work with the kids. We didn't yet know how to teach them not just correctly, but in a way that allowed them to both have fun, love learning, and remember what we had taught them.

We are still learning. But we know now all the kids. We know which ones will act out, those that need more attention, those prone to fits, and the teacher's pets. We know what works (visuals, mixing it up, media) and what doesn't (writing words on the board, talking a lot in English, boring lessons).

We can now see the kids at their best. The star chart has helped with this. We have a system that allows us to reward the kids for being good. The kids look forward to the chart time at the end of class everyday. I believe they love the stickers and what they mean more than the love the actual prizes. And what even surprised me, the love the order it creates. They love that they are being acknowledged for their efforts, and watch for others in class who are not following the rules.
Classes have improved so much, which makes both me and the kids happy. When in doubt, try a star chart. It will change your classroom.


Tinadakis said...

Look at you coming up with your very own behavior plan that focuses on the positive - you will be such a great mom!

Rachel said...

AH! I am so glad! I wish I could be there to see it but it sounds like things are going amazing now and you've figured out some fun ways to teach! I'm so glad the star chart is working- you spent so much time making it! Love and miss you and ALL of those kids!