Monday, September 1, 2008

Beck's Modern Guilt

Beck. They are rockin hot. I know this because even my uncool dad has two of their albums. Now I never got into Odelay (1996) which is supposed to be prime Beck material. I did, however, become particularly obsessed with Sea Change (2002). The album is brilliant. If you haven't yet experienced it, please do. The year it was released it was given five stars by Rolling Stone, a feat that Stones readers know, it next to impossible. It was one of only two albums that year to receive the highest music mag honor. (The other album, incidentally, was Springsteen's The Rising, recipient of that year's Rock Album of the Year Grammy).

Lately, I have been sampling Modern Guilt (2008) a very traditional, Beck-esque album. Translation: Beck fans will go ga-ga and sell their pinky fingers for a copy. For me it lies in between the caffefinated and chaotic Guero and tranquilized "this is your brain on drugs" Sea Change. And, as a on again, off again Beck lover, this album makes me shiver with delight and itch to press mute. I give the album 4/5.

Disjointed music bouts are never really good, even on youtube. Which may be the only reason why I am hesitant to give these guys music God status (i.e. the perfection that is 5) for creating Modern Guilt. But don't listen to me. Listen to them and decide for yourself. The first track is "Chemtrails" the second "Orphans".

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