Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Republican's are getting desperate

I'm sure everyone has heard by now McCain's pick for VP. What a shocker right? Well yeah, in a way. But considering all that is happened during this election so far, not so much.

Let's consider the facts: McCain is really, really, really old. Sorry McCain fans, but he is. This election cycle is about change. Nothing else is as important as this one clear cut and oft repeated message. McCain is the familiar face in congress. He is a hard, seasoned politician. Which is quite obvious I know. But this time around, this quality, what you could call experience, longevity, whatever, is not an asset. Right now, experience makes voters nervous, it makes them wonder, what if its not different this time around? What if a McCain administration is really just a proverbial third term for GW? Obama, in his DNC speech, poked fun of McCain for this very thing. What is different about McCain and Bush?

Which is why he needed to pick a wild card as his VP. His campaign needed an uplift. That uplift is a woman, a mother of five, an Alaskan, and an inexperienced politician. I think McCain is either being extremely smart or very, very stupid. I know of a couple staunch Republicans who are already protesting his choice.
"I can't believe he picked a woman!"
"An Alaskan?"
"What was he thinking when he chose her?"
"Jeez, I guess VP doesn't mean as much as it used to"
... and so on and so forth.

What ever the case, he cannot turn back. The cards are on the table. And that all important message of change, chronicled now by both campaigns, is coming, regardless of who ultimately is victorious.

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