Sunday, August 17, 2008

The onion smells funny

Website of the week:

Brief Intro: It calls itself "America's finest news source" but really it is a site where a whole bunch of writers who think they are quite witty (or who couldn't get hired by legitimate news media) humorize current events and satirically comment on the ridiculousness of modern life.

Highlight: 'Our Dumb World': its basically a map with markers you click on to read funny and semi-inappropriate gibes on said country, local custom, historical event, etc.

Example: Here are just some of the national 'motto's' they created. And my bracketed commentary.

Ireland: Blowing their pot o' gold on whiskey (They could have blown it on something worse)

France: One Nation above God (I love how they're making fun both of France and the U.S's overly trite opinion of France at the same time)

Estonia: United in Circular Dancing (you know you've seen them in action)

Singapore: Where Dirt Gets Death Penalty (it really does)

Australia: As Seen on Animal Planet (really what do you know about the country that you haven't learned from Steve Irwin? Not much.)

Iraq: They had it Coming (picture Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Blair, etc doing Chicago's Cell Black Tango) yeah...

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